Why Glamping is the Best Way to Travel

What is glamping
It is easy to guess from which two English words the word glamping is formed. It is glamorous and camping, i.e. glamorous camping. So what is it? To put it simply and succinctly – this is a camping site with amenities. Many people love nature, but are not ready to sacrifice comfort. As often happens, a business idea was born on a popular request The Happy Glamper Co

Imagine that you love nature very much, but are not enthusiastic about the tent theme: sleeping in a tight sleeping bag, mosquitoes and canned goods for breakfast. Some people like it, others are not ready to give up the Internet (yes, in many glampings there is also have Wi-Fi) and other familiar amenities of civilization, but they want to go to nature.

You can enjoy crisp air, a forest setting, rustling of the creek, lots of wildlife, picturesque views and clear star-lit nights.

Of course with its own features, you are still in nature: a bed with a heated blanket or sheets; a heater or a fireplace in the room.

Why go to glamping
Glamping causes a controversial reaction. The fans of the usual campsite laugh at it, and pay scant attention to it. Backpackers believe this does not comply with the spirit of adventure. In addition, glamping is often expensive, which seems a stupid waste of money on seemingly familiar amenities for many people.
But the idea is simple – communication with nature for everyone. Thanks to glamping, people begin to get out of town more often. For many, the constraint was precisely the conditions. Everyone chooses the level of comfort for themselves, and glamping just solves the problem of a certain group of people.

People learn to relax and be distracted from everyday activities, to go to the forest or to the mountains with an overnight stay, even if they previously thought that this type of relaxation was not suitable for them. Everyone chooses for himself whether it is important where he sleeps – in a sleeping bag or in a bed. Thus, people become closer to nature and learn to appreciate its beauty.

With the current limited travel options, glamping allows people to camp more comfortably while still enjoying what camping has to offer.